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Doddington Cheese company- Quality, Tradition And Provenance.

Doddington cheeses, like many of the great cheeses of the world, are made from the raw milk of only one herd of cows and made by only one person. By doing so this gives them unique flavours dependent on the soil that grows the grass, the species of grass fed to the cows, the natural spring water drunk by the cows and the unique skills of the individual cheese maker. This is the combination of factors which apply totally to the cheeses made at Doddington. The cows graze on pastures in the Glendale Valley in the shadow of the Cheviot Hills and are lovingly crafted by cheese maker Margaret Ann Maxwell.

Real cheese, such as these, were commonplace a century ago but are now few and far between. They offer a unique taste experience and are a great accompaniment to glass of fine wine or real ale ( or maybe two!)

Here at north Doddington farm, our hand crafted cheeses are made from the unpasteurised milk from our own dairy herd. These cows have been milked every single day since 1950 and today the Doddington cows are one of only about 20 herds left in the whole of Northumberland. Each day we take the warm fresh raw milk from the 5 am milking and transform it into one of our range of 7 artisan cheeses.

Using long established methods all of the Doddington cheeses are pressed in tradition cast iron cheese presses and stored on wooden shelves in the cool air of our traditional stone walled barns for periods of between 3 months and up to 18 months for our vintage varieties.